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NFL 2021/22 Outright Markets

Philadelphia @ New York Giants on (Round 12) 3rd Quarter Winner
Betting Agency Philadelphia New York Giants Last Updated
Sportsbet (NT) 1.71 2.05
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Money Line Total - Home - 1st Qtr Total TD Receptions - Darius Slayton
Point Spread Total Assists - All Players Total TD Receptions - Devonta Smith
Game Totals Total Assists - Anthony Harris Total TD Receptions - Evan Engram
1st Half Winner Total Assists - Rodney McLeod Total TD Receptions - Kenny Golladay
1st Half Handicap Total Assists - Xavier McKinney Total TD Receptions - Quez Watkins
1st Half Total Total Completions - All Players Total TD Rushes - All Players
2nd Half Winner Total Completions - Daniel Jones Total TD Rushes - Daniel Jones
2nd Half Handicap Total Completions - Jalen Hurts Total TD Rushes - Jalen Hurts
2nd Half Total Total Field Goals Total TD Rushes - Miles Sanders
Draw No Bet Total Field Goals - 1st Half Total TD Rushes - Saquon Barkley
Draw No Bet - 1st Half Total Field Goals - 1st Qtr Total Tackles - All Players
Draw No Bet - 2nd Half Total Field Goals - Away Total Tackles - Anthony Harris
Draw No Bet - 1st Qtr Total Field Goals - Home Total Tackles - Rodney McLeod
1st Quarter Winner Total First Downs Total Tackles - Xavier McKinney
1st Team Touchdown Total Interceptions - All Players Total Touchdown Passes - All Players
2nd Quarter Winner Total Interceptions - Daniel Jones Total Touchdown Passes - Daniel Jones
3rd Quarter Winner Total Interceptions - Jalen Hurts Total Touchdown Passes - Jalen Hurts
4th Quarter Winner Total Longest Reception - All Players Total Touchdowns
First Challenge Total Longest Reception - Dallas Goedert Total Touchdowns - 1st Half
First Timeout Total Longest Reception - Devonta Smith Total Touchdowns - 2nd Half
Race To 10 Total Longest Reception - Evan Engram Total Touchdowns - 1st Qtr
Race To 10 - DNB Total Longest Reception - Kenny Golladay Total Touchdowns - Away
Race To 10 - DNB - 2nd Half Total Longest Reception - Miles Sanders Total Touchdowns - Away - 1st Half
Race To 15 Total Longest Reception - Saquon Barkley Total Touchdowns - Away - 2nd Half
Race To 15 - DNB Total Pass Attempts - All Players Total Touchdowns - All Players
Race To 15 - DNB - 2nd Half Total Pass Attempts - Daniel Jones Total Touchdowns - Dallas Goedert
Race To 20 Total Pass Attempts - Jalen Hurts Total Touchdowns - Daniel Jones
Race To 20 - DNB Total Pass Attempts - Miles Sanders Total Touchdowns - Darius Slayton
Race To 20 - DNB - 2nd Half Total Pass Attempts - Saquon Barkley Total Touchdowns - Devonta Smith
Race To 25 Total Pass Yards - All Players Total Touchdowns - Evan Engram
Race To 25 - DNB Total Pass Yards - Daniel Jones Total Touchdowns - Home
Race To 30 Total Pass Yards - Jalen Hurts Total Touchdowns - Home - 1st Half
Race To 30 - DNB Total Punts Total Touchdowns - Home - 2nd Half
Race To 40 Total Receive Yards - All Players Total Touchdowns - Jalen Hurts
Team To Punt Most Total Receive Yards - Dallas Goedert Total Touchdowns - Jalen Reagor
Team To Score First DNB Total Receive Yards - Darius Slayton Total Touchdowns - Kenny Golladay
Team To Score Last DNB Total Receive Yards - Devonta Smith Total Touchdowns - Miles Sanders
Team To Score Last DNB - 1st Half Total Receive Yards - Evan Engram Total Touchdowns - Quez Watkins
Team With First Field Goal Total Receive Yards - Jalen Reagor Total Touchdowns - Saquon Barkley
Team With Highest Scoring Quarter Total Receive Yards - Kenny Golladay 1st Scoring Play
Team With Longest Field Goal Total Receive Yards - Miles Sanders 1st Scoring Play - 2nd Half
Team With Longest Touchdown Total Receive Yards - Quez Watkins Anytime Touchdown Scorer
1st Quarter Handicap Total Receive Yards - Saquon Barkley First Scorer Wins Match
2nd Quarter Handicap Total Receptions - All Players First To Score Wins
3rd Quarter Handicap Total Receptions - Dallas Goedert First Touchdown Scorer
4th Quarter Handicap Total Receptions - Darius Slayton First Touchdown Scorer - 2nd Half
1st Quarter Total Total Receptions - Devonta Smith HT/FT Double
2nd Quarter Total Total Receptions - Evan Engram Highest Scoring Half
3rd Quarter Total Total Receptions - Kenny Golladay Highest Scoring Quarter
4th Quarter Total Total Receptions - Quez Watkins Last Scoring Play
Distance Of Longest Field Goal Total Receptions - Saquon Barkley Last Touchdown Scorer
Distance Of Longest Touchdown Total Rush And Receive Yards - All Players Margin Betting
Distance Of Shortest Touchdown Total Rush And Receive Yards - Miles Sanders Missed Field Goal
Largest Lead of the Game Total Rush And Receive Yards - Saquon Barkley Scoreless Quarter
Longest Rush - All Players Total Rush Yards - All Players Tri-Bets 5.5
Longest Rush - Jalen Hurts Total Rush Yards - Daniel Jones Tri-Bets 7.5
Longest Rush - Miles Sanders Total Rush Yards - Jalen Hurts Will There Be A Field Goal? - 1st Qtr
Longest Rush - Saquon Barkley Total Rush Yards - Miles Sanders Will There Be A Touchdown - 1st Qtr
Total - Away Total Rush Yards - Saquon Barkley Will There Be A Touchdown - 2nd Qtr
Total - Away - 1st Half Total TD Passes - All Players Will There Be A Touchdown - 3rd Qtr
Total - Away - 2nd Half Total TD Passes - Daniel Jones Will There Be A Touchdown - 4th Qtr
Total - Away - 1st Qtr Total TD Passes - Jalen Hurts Will There Be Overtime
Total - Home Total TD Receptions - All Players Win Both Halves - Away
Total - Home - 1st Half Total TD Receptions - Dallas Goedert Win Both Halves - Home
Total - Home - 2nd Half    
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Outright betting markets for NFL 2021/22
Win SuperBowl Finish 4th NFC North Regular Season Wins LA Rams
AFC Championship Finish 4th NFC South Regular Season Wins Miami
NFC Championship Finish 4th NFC West Regular Season Wins Minnesota
Draft - First Overall Pick Player Of The Year - Comeback Regular Season Wins New England
Finish 2nd AFC East Player Of The Year - Defensive Regular Season Wins NY Giants
Finish 2nd AFC North Player Of The Year - Defensive Rookie Regular Season Wins NY Jets
Finish 2nd AFC South Player Of The Year - MVP Regular Season Wins Philadelphia
Finish 2nd AFC West Player Of The Year - Offensive Rookie Regular Season Wins Pittsburgh
Finish 2nd NFC North Regular Season Wins Arizona Regular Season Wins San Francisco
Finish 2nd NFC South Regular Season Wins Atlanta Regular Season Wins Seattle
Finish 2nd NFC West Regular Season Wins Baltimore Regular Season Wins Tampa Bay
Finish 3rd AFC East Regular Season Wins Carolina Team To Make Playoffs - Atlanta
Finish 3rd AFC North Regular Season Wins Cincinnati Win AFC East Division
Finish 3rd AFC South Regular Season Wins Cleveland Win AFC North Division
Finish 3rd AFC West Regular Season Wins Denver Win AFC South Division
Finish 3rd NFC North Regular Season Wins Green Bay Win AFC West Division
Finish 3rd NFC South Regular Season Wins Houston Win NFC East Division
Finish 3rd NFC West Regular Season Wins Indianapolis Win NFC North Division
Finish 4th AFC East Regular Season Wins Jacksonville Win NFC South Division
Finish 4th AFC North Regular Season Wins Kansas City Win NFC West Division
Finish 4th AFC South Regular Season Wins LA Chargers Winning Conference
Finish 4th AFC West