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Eng Premier League 2022/23 Outright Markets

Tottenham vs Wolverhampton at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on (Round 3) Match Betting
  Betting Agency Tottenham Draw Wolverhampton Last Updated
BetFair -5% (UK,Aus) 1.39 4.99 9.17
BetsAPI 1.40 5.00 7.50
TopSport (NSW) 1.37 5.00 8.00
TAB Sportsbet (NSW) 1.38 4.75 8.00
Sportsbet (NT) 1.36 4.75 8.50
BoomBet (NT) 1.36 4.85 8.00
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Match Betting Total Goals - Eric Dier Total Shots On Goal - Jonny Castro
Asian Handicap Total Goals - Goncalo Guedes Total Shots On Goal - Leander Dendoncker
Handicap 3 Way Total Goals - Harry Kane Total Shots On Goal - Matthew Doherty
Game Total Total Goals - Hee Chan Hwang Total Shots On Goal - Max Kilman
Double Chance Total Goals - Heung Min Son Total Shots On Goal - Morgan Gibbs White
1st Half Winner Total Goals - Ivan Perisic Total Shots On Goal - Nathan Collins
1st Half Handicap Total Goals - Japhet Tanganga Total Shots On Goal - Nelson Semedo
1st Half Total Total Goals - Joao Moutinho Total Shots On Goal - Pedro Neto
2nd Half Winner Total Goals - Jonny Total Shots On Goal - Richarlison
2nd Half Handicap Total Goals - Jonny Castro Total Shots On Goal - Rodrigo Bentancur
2nd Half Total Total Goals - Leander Dendoncker Total Shots On Goal - Ruben Neves
45min Asian Handicap Total Goals - Lucas Moura Total Shots On Goal - Ryan Sessegnon
Draw No Bet Total Goals - Matthew Doherty Total Shots On Goal - Willy Boly
Draw No Bet - 1st Half Total Goals - Max Kilman Total Shots On Goal - Yves Bissouma
First Card Total Goals - Morgan Gibbs White Total Tackles - All Players
First Corner Total Goals - Nathan Collins Total Tackles - Ben Davies
First Corner - 1st Half Total Goals - Nelson Semedo Total Tackles - Cristian Romero
Last Card Total Goals - Pedro Neto Total Tackles - Daniel Podence
Last Corner Total Goals - Pierre Hojbjerg Total Tackles - Dejan Kulusevski
Last Corner - 1st Half Total Goals - Rayan Ait Nouri Total Tackles - Emerson Palmieri
Most Corners Total Goals - Richarlison Total Tackles - Eric Dier
Most Corners - 1st Half Total Goals - Rodrigo Bentancur Total Tackles - Harry Kane
Most Corners - 2nd Half Total Goals - Ruben Neves Total Tackles - Hee Chan Hwang
Race To 3 Total Goals - Ryan Sessegnon Total Tackles - Heung Min Son
Team To Score First Total Goals - Willy Boly Total Tackles - Ivan Perisic
Team To Score First - 1st Half Total Goals - Yves Bissouma Total Tackles - Joao Moutinho
Team To Score First - 2nd Half Total Pass Attempts - All Players Total Tackles - Jonny
Team To Score Last Total Pass Attempts - Adama Traore Total Tackles - Leander Dendoncker
Team To Score Last - 1st Half Total Pass Attempts - Ben Davies Total Tackles - Matthew Doherty
Team To Score Last - 2nd Half Total Pass Attempts - Cristian Romero Total Tackles - Max Kilman
Win Both Halves Total Pass Attempts - Daniel Podence Total Tackles - Morgan Gibbs White
Win Either Half Total Pass Attempts - Dejan Kulusevski Total Tackles - Nathan Collins
Cards Handicap Total Pass Attempts - Emerson Palmieri Total Tackles - Nelson Semedo
Corners Handicap Total Pass Attempts - Eric Dier Total Tackles - Pedro Neto
Corners Handicap - 1st Half Total Pass Attempts - Harry Kane Total Tackles - Pierre Hojbjerg
Total - Away Total Pass Attempts - Hee Chan Hwang Total Tackles - Rayan Ait Nouri
Total - Away - 1st Half Total Pass Attempts - Heung Min Son Total Tackles - Richarlison
Total - Away - 2nd Half Total Pass Attempts - Ivan Perisic Total Tackles - Rodrigo Bentancur
Total - Home Total Pass Attempts - Joao Moutinho Total Tackles - Ryan Sessegnon
Total - Home - 1st Half Total Pass Attempts - Jonny Total Tackles - Willy Boly
Total - Home - 2nd Half Total Pass Attempts - Jonny Castro Total Tackles - Yves Bissouma
Total Assists - All Players Total Pass Attempts - Leander Dendoncker Away Team To Score
Total Assists - Adama Traore Total Pass Attempts - Matthew Doherty Away Team To Score - 1st Half
Total Assists - Ben Davies Total Pass Attempts - Max Kilman Away Team To Score - 2nd Half
Total Assists - Cristian Romero Total Pass Attempts - Morgan Gibbs White Both Teams to Score
Total Assists - Daniel Podence Total Pass Attempts - Nathan Collins Both Teams to Score - 1st Half
Total Assists - Dejan Kulusevski Total Pass Attempts - Nelson Semedo Both Teams to Score - 2nd Half
Total Assists - Emerson Palmieri Total Pass Attempts - Pedro Neto Clean Sheet - Away
Total Assists - Eric Dier Total Pass Attempts - Pierre Hojbjerg Clean Sheet - Home
Total Assists - Harry Kane Total Pass Attempts - Rayan Ait Nouri Correct Score
Total Assists - Hee Chan Hwang Total Pass Attempts - Richarlison Correct Score - 1st Half
Total Assists - Heung Min Son Total Pass Attempts - Rodrigo Bentancur Correct Score - 2nd Half
Total Assists - Ivan Perisic Total Pass Attempts - Ruben Neves Either Team To Score
Total Assists - Joao Moutinho Total Pass Attempts - Ryan Sessegnon Either Team To Score - 1st Half
Total Assists - Jonny Total Pass Attempts - Willy Boly First Goal Method
Total Assists - Jonny Castro Total Pass Attempts - Yves Bissouma Goal In Both Halves
Total Assists - Leander Dendoncker Total Shots - All Players Goal In Both Nets
Total Assists - Matthew Doherty Total Shots - Adama Traore Goal In First 15 Minutes
Total Assists - Max Kilman Total Shots - Ben Davies Goalscorer - Anytime
Total Assists - Morgan Gibbs White Total Shots - Cristian Romero Goalscorer - Anytime - 1st Half
Total Assists - Nathan Collins Total Shots - Daniel Podence Goalscorer - Anytime - 2nd Half
Total Assists - Nelson Semedo Total Shots - Dejan Kulusevski Goalscorer - First
Total Assists - Pedro Neto Total Shots - Emerson Palmieri Goalscorer - First - Away
Total Assists - Pierre Hojbjerg Total Shots - Eric Dier Goalscorer - First - Home
Total Assists - Rayan Ait Nouri Total Shots - Harry Kane Goalscorer - First And Last
Total Assists - Richarlison Total Shots - Hee Chan Hwang Goalscorer - First Or Last
Total Assists - Rodrigo Bentancur Total Shots - Heung Min Son Goalscorer - Last
Total Assists - Ruben Neves Total Shots - Ivan Perisic HT/FT Double
Total Assists - Ryan Sessegnon Total Shots - Joao Moutinho Half With Most Corners
Total Assists - Willy Boly Total Shots - Jonny Highest Scoring Half
Total Assists - Yves Bissouma Total Shots - Jonny Castro Home Team To Score
Total Cards Total Shots - Leander Dendoncker Home Team To Score - 1st Half
Total Cards - Away Total Shots - Matthew Doherty Home Team To Score - 2nd Half
Total Cards - Home Total Shots - Max Kilman Margin Betting
Total Corners Total Shots - Morgan Gibbs White Margin Betting - 1st Half
Total Corners - 1st Half Total Shots - Nathan Collins Match Odds And Both Teams To Score
Total Corners - 2nd Half Total Shots - Nelson Semedo Player To Be Carded
Total Corners - Away Total Shots - Pedro Neto Teams to Score
Total Corners - Away - 1st Half Total Shots - Pierre Hojbjerg Time of First Goal
Total Corners - Away - 2nd Half Total Shots - Rayan Ait Nouri To Be Sent Off
Total Corners - Home Total Shots - Richarlison To Score 2 Or More Goals
Total Corners - Home - 1st Half Total Shots - Rodrigo Bentancur To Score a Hat Trick
Total Corners - Home - 2nd Half Total Shots - Ruben Neves To Win To Nil
Total First Over Runs - Away Total Shots - Ryan Sessegnon Total Brackets - Away
Total First Over Runs - Away - 1st Half Total Shots - Willy Boly Total Brackets - Home
Total First Over Runs - Home Total Shots - Yves Bissouma Total Corners Brackets - 1st Half
Total First Over Runs - Home - 1st Half Total Shots On Goal - All Players Total Corners Brackets - 2nd Half
Total Goals - All Players Total Shots On Goal - Adama Traore Total Goals Brackets
Total Goals - Adama Traore Total Shots On Goal - Ben Davies Will There Be A Penalty
Total Goals - Ben Davies Total Shots On Goal - Cristian Romero Will There Be A Red Card
Total Goals - Bryan Gil Total Shots On Goal - Daniel Podence Will There Be A Red Card - 1st Half
Total Goals - Chem Campbell Total Shots On Goal - Dejan Kulusevski Will There Be A Red Card - 2nd Half
Total Goals - Clement Lenglet Total Shots On Goal - Emerson Palmieri Will There Be An Own Goal
Total Goals - Connor Ronan Total Shots On Goal - Eric Dier Win Both Halves - Away
Total Goals - Cristian Romero Total Shots On Goal - Harry Kane Win Both Halves - Home
Total Goals - Daniel Podence Total Shots On Goal - Hee Chan Hwang Win to Nil - Away
Total Goals - Davinson Sanchez Total Shots On Goal - Heung Min Son Win to Nil - Away - 1st Half
Total Goals - Dejan Kulusevski Total Shots On Goal - Ivan Perisic Win to Nil - Home
Total Goals - Djed Spence Total Shots On Goal - Joao Moutinho Win to Nil - Home - 1st Half
Total Goals - Emerson Palmieri    
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Outright betting markets for Eng Premier League 2022/23
Win Premier League Top 2 Top Promoted Team
To Be Relegated Top 4 Winner W/O Big 6
Finish Bottom Top 6 Winner W/O Man C
Avoid Relegation Top English Goal Scorer Winner W/O Man C And Liverpool
Miss Top 4 Top Goal Scorer Young Player Of The Year PFA
Player Of The Year PFA Top Midlands Club